Neck Join ,Ghost Mannequin, And Editing Cloth Image
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Neck Join ,Ghost Mannequin, And Editing Cloth Image

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Using Ghost Mannequins (The goal was to make the mannequins look invisible or like the clothing was worn by a ghost) for your product images are an effective and cost-effective way to promote your product. we are expert in doing Ghost mannequin.

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In this service, we will make ghost mannequin / Neck Joint for your online shop.

You just need to send me the front and the inside out back part.

we also do others Photoshop work.Here is my service listing....................
• jewelary retouch ( spiclay )
• Image cutout
• Multi-layer path
• Color Correction
• Skin tone adjustment and enhancement
• Shadow creation
• image making
• Background removing
• Background changing to Transparent
• Background changing to white
• Background color changing
• neck join
• resize
• guideline

If you interested, so let Us know. Message Us before ordering here


 Note If you run an online clothing shop, this service will definitely come in handy for you. Pictures of clothes, which are displayed by mannequins, hide the neck of the cloths. In this case, we have expertise to remove the mannequins and add neck to the corresponding images. Best selling E-commerce image editing service !

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