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Background Removal


 background removal is a common part of all service.

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Clipping Path



Universal  Best way to select Object using pen tool making Path is called Clipping Path.

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Invisible Mannequin



 Image Manipulation,Ghost Mannequin photo editing




Product Retouching




 product retouch is very important for freelance photographer , retouch picture,retouch images,photo retouching services,photo face cleaner online

Shadow & Reflection



 shadow and reflection shadow base on your product category. shadow images,shadow images of a boy,shadow images of man,drop shadow,reflection shadow,sun shadow,





Photoshop Mask




 Hair masking is important  for product model. masking images,alpha masking,alpha channel masking,alpha channel transparency,glass masking





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Transparent background


 transparent Background  is a photoshop file format. this format Usable at any where you can. easy to reedit and relive images. make background transparent photoshop, transparent background,transparent images,transparent picture.