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Amazon Site Standards for Product Images

The e-commerce giants Amazon and Ebay sell their products by sellers & retailers all around the world online. These standard ways are a great opportunity considering their huge consumer base and great brand value. Top 100 Amazon sellers’  history may encourage you to learn more about how to be the amazon bestsellers. 

If you start  selling products, you have to consider it’s images as an essential part. Although  marketplaces  like Amazon and Ebay are used by sellers/affiliates  all around the world, sellers have to maintain  certain guidelines for uploading product images/photos  on their website in order to maintain the sequence of their stores. Specially, we will discuss about amazon photos

Why good images are important for your products to sell on Amazon

Good-looking images play very important role to sell products in an online store like Amazon. When a visitor browses websites where you have showcased your products, will see the images. A better gate up images will attract more to them to buy the products. A quality image of a product can turn a visitor into customer.


Standard of Images


Below are the basic standard of an Image:

  1. Color variation derived to SKU’s (Stock Keeping Unit ) should have main image representation from definite color variation.
  2. Pure white backgrounds are preferred
  3. You can send upto 10 products ( Main image-1, sample image-1 and other 8 images )
  4. Image size should be at least 500 pixel

Please follow the Table below:

Image Requirements

Image Format

Images Added through listing

Accepted File Types

Jpeg, giff and png

Jpeg, giff and png

Minimum Dimensions

At least 500 pixels on the longest, anything less will cause the image to be rejected.

At least 500 pixels on the longest

Maximum Dimensions

2000 x 2000 pixels

10,000 x 10,000 pixels

Maximum File Size

image to be rejected.

image to be rejected.

Maximum Dimension Ratio

5 to 1 (2:1 or 1:1 preferred)

5 to 1 (2:1 or 1:1 preferred)


72 pixels per inch

72 pixels per inch

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  1. Image background must be white
  2. In most cases Amazon accepts TIFF, .GIF, .JPEG. But JPEG file formats
  3. The photo have to focus and well lit, with realistic color, and smooth edges
  4. Main image must be a single product but not multiple products
  5. If you want to set proxy image, it must be from different in views or angles


Types of Images on Amazon


Amazon has the option to display multiple images for the same product in its catalogue. Seller/Affiliate has the option to set several high-resolution images of products to attract customers. You can use four types of products for better illustration:

  • Base SKU main image: This is used for products’ detail page. When a client searches the catalog on internet, they find this page. The main page is used per product base. The main image is shown a smaller size image on this page but when clicks on it, The full-size picture is displayed in a pop-up window.
  •  Derived SKU main image: The page is used to show a view of the product in the particular color for the given derived SKU. The main image for the derived SKU shows in the image pop-up window. Every derived SKU has only one main image, placing the derived product in the specified color. You have to provide a derived main image for every color that you want to sell.


  • Proxy images: Proxy images are used to show the products in different angles so that customers can view the products from several angles and grow a transparent idea about the product. Sellers can upload eight proxy images each Base and derived SKU. The proxy image for a main product appears in the image pop-up window. When a customer clicks on the image which h-is set in a specific color, the same colored “SKU’ is displayed in a pop-up window.


  • Swatches: It is used to show different available colors, or other choices for products. A seller can supply one swatch  per SKU. Samples are displayed on the product detail page next to the name of color.



Images/photos are very important stuff to select or add not only in Amazon, but in other ecommerce sites you have to follow the specific rules. Photo selection and proper editing of your ecommerce products definitely create better impression to your clients. A good-looking image represent a better quality product.






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